Michelle Kegel on September 20, 2018
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Join us in the water!

Did you ever see the comparison between swimming in the ocean and moving technology? One of our newest colleagues Mark Oakshott did! Last week he published a blog and if you ask us, these words really nailed it!

"Everyone knows that there are clear benefits, but not everyone is prepared to enter the water in the same way - if at all." - Mark Oakeshott

Mark talks about three kind of beachgoers and compares these beachgoars in a funny way to companies in the moving industry and their use of technology. There’s the 1. ‘No Way Am I Getting In!’, the 2. ‘I Am Getting In Slowly!’ and the 3. ‘All or Nothing’ beachgoer.

"With the exception of “Beachgoer 1” who will eventually die from heat exhaustion, there are now a range of technology solutions to suit those companies that are ready to get into the water. From “soup to nuts” solutions together with an increasing number of “easy to digest” individual solutions that build into a complete platform."

The conclusion of the blog is Mark, and Move4U as well, completely understand the prospect of introducing technology is a daunting prospect. But we would like to help you with this, because it’s definitely not needed! We would like to check which solutions would be perfect for your company, to achieve the right benefits. Each step at a time.

Are you joining us?