SurveyForm, self-surveying for every move!

We are proud to announce the new developments of our SurveyForm! Our clients already experience the benefits of not sending a surveyor anymore, having a shorter conversion funnel and are nonetheless still able to create reliable quotes; even for complex moves. Despite these benefits, at Move4U we always strive to improve and enhance our solutions. Therefore, we created a new SurveyForm which is based on the newest technologies and the various possibilities these innovations provide. But more importantly, the new SurveyForm is built on the perfect user experience. Good one for your sales! We would love to give you a sneak preview of what can also be expected.

What's in it for you?

  • The SurveyForm is easy to use on every device.
    Because of the responsiveness, the SurveyForm can be used anywhere, on any time.
  • Users are now able to add photos to show their inventory, which gives you more insight for creating a quote.
    Users can do this by uploading or using the device's camera.
  • Because of mentioning additional services on the perfect moments, the SurveyForm focusses more on upselling.
    Also, these contract moments with clients will be more customizable in your look and feel.
  • Sometimes, users would want to proceed their survey on another time. With the SurveyForm, it's now possible to switch between devices without losing the already filled in data of the user!

Already using our current SurveyForm?

No worries! As your current SurveyForm is embedded in an iFrame within your company website, the next generation SurveyForm is no different. Our development team has put in an enormous shift to ensure that this switch from old to new will happen seamless without involvement or intervention from your side.

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