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With our basic moving quote form embedded into your company website, you can generate leads and send quotes to new customers 24/7. Our team of developers will embed your company branded LeadForm into your website. So you can start collecting moving requests into the MoveDashboard and your mailbox. This way you'll have everything you need in order to start a move, collecting the necessary information to provide a detailed and professional moving quote!

How Does LeadForm Work?

Our goal is to help you get more contact requests online for your moving company. Explore some of LeadForm's coolest features below. Are you looking for a more extended webform with the possibility to estimate the volume of the household inventory? Check our other solution SurveyForm!

Quickly Capture Customer Contact Details

You'll get detailed contact information quickly through efficient fields.

Moving Information Based On From And To

Get the basic move information with From and To, by only filling in a city or a complete address, with an extra option to fill in the volume if already known.

Get Insight Into The Preferred Moving Date

It allows potential customers to make their preferred moving date known and comment on the request. To start the removals process, users only have to accept your terms and click on “Send Request”.

Reach Out To Potential Leads

When submitted, the follow-up action is determined after which the removal process is initiated. The process is created in the MoveDashboard and you will receive an email notification. You are now able to start monitoring the progress of the potential client that ultimately will lead to a quote and a booking of the job 24/7.

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Initiate The Process

Get basic moving information in order to determine whether follow-ups are appropriate.

Lead Form Branded

Custom-Designed For Your Brand

The LeadForm can be adapted to match your company’s identity – the layout, colors as well as your logo can all be incorporated. Even verification emails sent to your customers can reflect your company’s style.

Lead Form Preformance

Embedded Into Your Website

Our moving company quote form is perfectly integrated into your website and is available 24/7 to all of your leads.

Lead Form Responsive

Responsive Design

LeadForm is designed to give users the best viewing experience across all devices, including desktops, tablets and mobile.

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Gather New Leads Fast

Gather personal details quickly through compact fields.

Lead Form Cloud

Cloud Based With MoveDashboard

The LeadForm information requests are updated directly into the MoveDashboard, with the necessary notifications triggered.

Quick Lead And Information Collector With LeadForm

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LeadForm Seamlessly Integrates With MoveDashboard!

MoveDashboard is your complete view of how your business is doing and comes completely free of charge. From closing ratio to revenue, the MoveDashboard lets you keep “your finger on the pulse” of your business. Create reports at the touch of a button and assign new tasks to your sales representatives and packing crews straight from a single system.

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"After carefully reviewing different systems, we found the perfect partner in Move4U. Decisive factors being the integration possibilities, the accessible and flexible service and the fact all applications work together seamlessly."

- Al - Managing Director At Bishop's Move

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