Administration of your insurances!

Insurance management

The Insurance Portal provides ultimate insight into all of your insurance processes. Manage clients, products and certificates, all in one place. Combined with reporting and ClaimApp integration.

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Insight into insurances

Claim and insurance management can be an exasperating job, especially during peak seasons when office resources are scarce and many moves are being carried out at the same time.

Not only do you, as the insurer, require insight into active products and claims, but also insight into costs and efficiency throughout the entire process. That is where the Insurance Portal provides the data and information you are looking for.

The unique and specialized features, plus the extensive reporting and ClaimApp integration as well as the possibility to share files and insurance with associated companies, is what makes the Insurance Portal the solution you need.

Enhances your claim and insurance management:

  • Manage clients, products and certificates digitally
  • Link certificates to products and clients
  • Manage claims that come in through the ClaimApp or third party solutions
  • Share files and insurances with third parties
  • Generate extensive reports

Ensured of your insurances.

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Gain insight and control of claims and insurances.

View and manage everything insurance-related from one place


Enhance your claim and insurance management


Manage clients, products and certificates

Gain better control of your claim and insurance management processes by managing everything digitally and centrally.


Manage claims from the ClaimApp

Because of the perfect synchronization between the various MoveCloud solutions, claims that come in through the ClaimApp are immediately displayed within the Insurance Portal.


Share files and insurances with third parties

You can send important files and insurance data to relevant insurance or claim-handling companies, straight from the Insurance Portal.


Generate advanced reports

To analyze the efficiency of your insurance handling process, the Insurance Portal features an extensive report generation tool.

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