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Quick photo-based self-survey

With Move4U’s SurveyApp, your clients can perform a quick and intuitive photo-based self-survey, just by downloading the app.


Your surveying process has never been easier.

Just like your company, your clients probably have busy schedules. Preparing for a move can be very time-consuming, but there is a way in which you can help your company and your customers save time.

Move4U’s SurveyApp was made with efficiency and everyone’s busy schedule's in mind. Your clients can perform a self-survey by easily taking pictures of the rooms in their residence, which directly provides you with the input needed for your quote.

Easy, isn’t it?

Enhance your quotation process:

  • Provide quotes quickly without a surveyor
  • Shorten your conversion funnel
  • Serve leads via an app for Android and iOS
  • MoveCloud integration

Available for download on:

SurveyApp - Google Play Store SurveyApp - App Store

Save time for your consumers and your company!

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Immediately available to your customers

For Android and iOS. In the look and feel of your company’s style.


Enhance your quotation process!


Provide quick quotes

The intuitive photo-based approach of the SurveyApp enables your clients to do a self-survey at a time of their choosing, easily providing the input you need for your quote.


Shorter conversion funnel

The SurveyApp enables leads to do an inventory and request a quote immediately when interested. Thanks to the SurveyApp, there is no need to send a surveyor and waste valuable time and resources anymore. Convert leads immediately!


App for Android and iOS

While your company may offer the best service and support during office hours, the SurveyApp is available 24/7 to all of your leads.


MoveCloud integration

The integration allows you to perform quick cubing, or create a detailed inventory, as well as capturing all the required services. In addition documents can be created in your look and feel.

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Perfectly integrates with other MoveDashboard solutions

Each MoveDashboard solution is a powerful tool by itself. But combined, they are more than just the sum of all parts. Enjoy dynamic data that is synchronized and shared between the different solutions to create the ultimate mover’s workflow!

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