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Extensive self-survey tool

The SurveyForm enables your clients to request a quote for their move straight from your website. Whether they access it from their desktop or their mobile phone: the SurveyForm is able to chart even the most complex of moves.


Self-surveying for every move

Like many in the moving industry, we are used to a surveyor being sent around whenever a customer reached out for a price quote. Although a surveyor can make accurate estimations based on what he or she sees at the transferee's home, these traditional surveys come with some disadvantages. The moving company has to send someone out and the client has to make time and space in his or her schedule.

Now, with the all new and revamped SurveyForm, your customers can do their own surveys - straight from your website. Whenever they want, on any device they want. This holds for both international and domestic moves, even the most complex move is covered by the SurveyForm.

Enhance your quotation process:

  • Create reliable quotes for complex moves
  • Shorten your conversion funnel
  • Serve leads 24/7 via your own website
  • Gather and analyze move data

Start sending quotes instead of surveyors.

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Perfectly integrated in your website

On desktop and mobile. In the look and feel of your company's style.


Enhance your quotation process!


Reliable quotes for complex moves

The thorough inventory process that is the foundation of the SurveyForm allows users to request a quote for both simple and complex moves. International addresses and multiple move locations are no challenge for the SurveyForm.


Shorter conversion funnel

The SurveyForm enables leads to do an inventory and request a quote immediately when interested. Thanks to the SurveyForm, there is no need to send a surveyor and waste valuable time and resources anymore. Convert leads immediately!


Embedded in your website

While your company may offer the best service and support during office hours, the SurveyForm is available 24/7 to all of your leads.


Gather and analyze move data

Each inventory offers valuable demographic and household data. Analyze data gathered through the SurveyForm to match your services with your customers’ interests!

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Perfectly integrates with other MoveDashboard solutions

Each MoveDashboard solution is a powerful tool by itself. But combined, they are more than just the sum of all parts. Enjoy dynamic data that is synchronized and shared between the different solutions to create the ultimate mover’s workflow!

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