In the last years innovation and technology play a significant role in the Global Mobility world. In the past, all the documentation was on paper. However, this is drastically changing. Our day-to-day activities exist of digitalization of data. Applications are used for collection of data and information. Voerman International is a launching client since Move4U initiated its solutions. With more than 35 years of experience in moving people to other countries, Voerman International is constantly striving for being innovative and with this distinguish itself in the Global Mobility Market.

Voerman International is working with all the Move4U solutions to realize an efficient working environment for partners and its employees and a great collection of data to realize better customer insights and serve the customer the best way possible.

Furthermore, the moving business is a multilingual environment. All kind of parties are involved in a move. It makes it a difficult process to manage. However, with a uniform system that everyone understands, the move can be facilitated easily. Errors made manually can be avoided as well with the use of applications and uniform systems. From the sales department to the mover, from the mover to partners, from partners to the customers, everyone can work with the tools. As a result, the move can be executed the best way possible with using the solutions of Move4U. “It is as simple as that!”

Gina Moor, surveyor of Voerman International, using the Survey form to facilitate the visits at the customer’s houses better. She says the following: “it is efficient, fast and the form gives a clear overview of what the customer would like to move. Furthermore, per item it is possible to add extra information or a photo or photos, if necessary. These results are shared with the customer when the report is finished. The customer can easily understand it, because is digital and not hand-written. The survey report is collected in the Movecloud. Adjustments can be made easily and the coordinators can also access the survey report”.

Our movers, are using the PackingPro, using a tablet during the move for packing. Jesper, mentions the following: “it is efficient, saves a lot of paperwork and everyone can read it. It is made unilingual. It is also possible to forward the documents easily to Russia or Prague (locations of Voerman) and no adjustments or translations are necessary anymore”. Both perfect solutions to facilitate and make a survey or move more efficient with less paperwork and a uniform and multilingual system.