Our story

As a company with its roots in the moving industry, we started off with a simple roadmap of solutions a few years ago. We now have a full up and running Solution Suit for many enthusiastic clients all over the globe. The key to our success is keeping it personal and knowing our clients and their needs. Our ultimate goal is to make moving processes more efficient and cost effective for both our clients and their customers.

A lot of moving companies have been in the moving business for a long time and have been optimizing their processes to their available resources. However, most of these processes remain in most cases offline and analogue, despite the great amount of possibilities modern technology offers.

Move4U and its wide range of moving solutions enable moving companies to take a giant leap forward towards the future by using technology to significantly improve efficiency of workflows. The MoveCloud ties into companies' existing workflows, while at the same time taking them to the next level.

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Our vision

We understand the moving industry and the tech industry. Putting these two together drives us as we are convinced that the moving industry is about to see an evolution like never before. Technological solutions are integral to the growth and modernization of the moving industry. At Move4U, we want to be your partner in the successful transition to the future of the moving industry.

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Meet the Move4U Team

At the Move4U headquarters, a dedicated team of professionals works hard to provide our clients with the best possible service. Whether they are creating new new ideas for solutions, assisting clients in their daily workflows or developing the next update for one of our solutions. At Move4U, there’s a lot going on each day!

Get an impression from the team.

Joggie Taute

“The wishes of our clients and prospective clients are the central focus of our solutions. It is our belief that technology and especially data will become even more important and will become a crucial element in the moving business rather than an exception as has been the case previously.”

Hentie du Plessis

“As project manager, I like the quote of Alan Weiss: ‘Ask your customer to be part of the solution, and don’t view them as part of the problem’. The action you take is what makes the customer feedback truly powerful, after all”.

Marco Stolk

“A smooth user experience is my core focus when programming new software for our clients. In the end, this experience determines how the user sees our products.”

Michelle Kegel

“What I like about the moving industry is the expertise and knowledge of the many companies. I enjoy working with them to explore how technology helps them create their legacy in the future!”

Marco Maruccia

"I love to be ambassador of innovative and quality solutions for movers! I always believed that data combined with technology will be the future of the moving industry, where technology will play an important role in the industry to improve their business."

Venice van den Berg

"As a Product Owner my main goal is to make sure our clients input and needs are the main priority in our ongoing development and in creating new solutions. They determine our focus, because in the end we want to enhance their experience."

Ian Johnson

“Working with the latest programming resources makes working at Move4U fantastic! It isn't the specific tools or solutions that makes it so exiting, it is inventing new smart solutions for our clients!”

Kenneth Philips

“We don't just sell products to our clients, we help them solve their challenges and accelerate their business. We make new digital innovations work for them.”

Lex Rozemeijer

"Creating an experience of all our applications that is desirable, subtle, usable and differentiated which will delight our users."

Erick Rodríguez

"In the process of traveling the world, I have seen a lot of cities such as Buenos Aires, Shanghai and London. Yet I decided to settle in the beautiful Rotterdam to finish my studies. I am currently completing my internship with Move4U assisting the salesteam to reach their goals. If you look for assistance in Chinese, Spanish or English, do not hesitate to contact me!"

Márton Radics

“At Move4U, the biggest challenges come from always working with the latest technology instead of having to work around issues caused by using outdated tools and technologies. This makes all the difference for me. It makes me eager to tackle these issues and provide our clients with a better end result.”

Paul van de Sande

“From my experience within the moving industry, I know that organizing a move comes with quite an administrative burden. Our main goal is to help moving companies make that burden better manageable, so they can focus on providing the best service to their customers.”

Tim van Tartwijk

“In the near future, everything about move processes will be digital, except for the move itself. That’s why at Move4U, we have focused on digitalizing more and more aspects of the move process.”

Stef van Zon

“When designing new products or features, we always start by assessing our clients’ and their customers’ needs first. This way, we hope to blend into our clients’ move processes seamlessly.”

Koen van Lierop

“Keeping both business clients and consumers in mind, we are able to identify a lot of opportunities for improvement within traditional move processes. That is what keeps us going!”


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