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Connected Move

Move4U’s digital inventory application CrewPro is now fully integrated with the Yembo survey solution. The partnership means that survey information collected using Yembo can be automatically transferred to CrewPro, making the packing inventory process faster, more accurate and efficient.

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The best of both worlds

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What is Yembo? stands as the industry leader in AI-powered virtual home surveys, having identified over 50 million objects to date. Utilizing allows you to generate quotes that are 3 to 5 times more efficient than traditional methods. The cutting-edge technology enables faster and remarkably accurate home surveys and inspections, all without the need for an on-site visit or downloading of an app. Experience the future of home assessment with

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What is CrewPro?

CrewPro was selected as the best digital inventory platform, by a leading IT tech source company. With a modern, user-friendly UI/UX available in 16 languages, it ensures effortless navigation for users of all technical backgrounds. Our hallmark feature is full customization, but what truly sets us apart is our innovative approach to managing forms and documents, streamlining workflows, and minimizing errors, making CrewPro the ultimate choice for movers seeking efficiency and flexibility.

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"Yembo is pleased to partner with Move4U to accelerate the adoption of technology into the moving industry. With this integration, our goal is to drive savings to moving companies by eliminating error-prone manual processes."
“The Move4U and Yembo partnership integrates top industry solutions, bridging pre-move surveys and moving day. It boosts moving company productivity, eliminating the need to redo inventories and enhancing the customer experience.”

Solving the Disconnect

The persistent problem in the moving industry is the disconnect between sales and operations. Often, pre-move survey info is inadequately communicated to the crew, leading to unaccounted items upon arrival, wasting time and money. Change is needed!

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