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“It is efficient, saves a lot of paperwork and everyone can read it. It is made unilingual. It is also possible to forward the documents easily to Russia or Prague (locations of Voerman) and no adjustments or translations are necessary anymore”.

Jesper - Packer at Voerman International

How Does CrewPro Work?

Move4U’s CrewPro was built with the vision to finally put an end to the unreadable handwritten packing inventory! CrewPro will either take the pre-move survey information and allow your packing crew to simply update the information or to create a packing inventory from scratch. Either way, you are left with a clear digital packing inventory that can be signed on the tablet by the customer. The packing inventory is then available to be shared with the customer and the destination agent, in whatever language you choose. CrewPro allows your clients to sign off the packing lists after packing or delivery, creating a concise list signed by your client.

Powerful Features To Optimize Inventory Packing

Our goal is to optimize the move processes of your removal company, explore some of CrewPro's coolest features below.

Crew Pro Packing in out

Advanced Packing And Delivery

CrewPro supports processes at both origin and destination. Easily assign packing and loading tasks to your crew at the origin address or unloading and unpacking tasks at the destination.

CrewPro QR code icon

Label Scanning Technology

Get rid of old-fashioned scanning equipment and use your trusted tablet or smartphone to view item details and check them off your packing lists! CrewPro supports a wide range of label code types, including QR codes, interleaved codes, code 128, 38 and EAN 13codes.

Crew Pro bingo

Delivery Bingo Check

With our delivery bingo check you can use the numbers to check whether all items on the Packing list are delivered. The bingo card ensures that you can work faster and more effectively. Due to direct digitization there is no chance of errors.

Crew Pro Inventory check

Inventory Generated Based On Survey Data

With the CrewPro, the surveyor can quickly create and move the list of items to pack and move the accumulated volume by room or per shipment. There is no need to copy/paste data from system to system. Therefore, more reliable packing lists are generated.

Crew Pro share file language

Share Files With Clients In Any Language

The packing inventory lists can be easily shared with customers, customs and the destination agent in whatever language you choose.

Crew Pro Cloudbased

Cloudbased With MoveDashboard

Have all the data and information in one place! The packing coordinator will use the created inventory to guide what items to pack and how to pack them according to the client’s preferences recorded during the survey. When the packing has been completed, a digital packing inventory list is created and stored in the MoveDashboard.

Crew Pro photo

Photo-based Packing Inventory List

Everything is better with pictures. Enrich packing inventory lists with photos of the packed items, boxes and containers, increasing process speed, insights and accountability for unpacking, claim-handling and auditing.

Crewpro items

Add Additional Items

Items may need to be packed that were not on the initial pre-move survey report. CrewPro allows you to add these items quickly or in great detail.

Crew Pro connection

Work Offline In Low-coverage Areas

CrewPro is there whenever you need it. Even in areas where little or no data connection is available, you can rely upon CrewPro for intuitively creating and storing packing inventory lists – synchronizing them with your cloud as soon as a data connection becomes available again.

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Seamlessly Integrates with Your Free MoveDashboard

The MoveDashboard is your complete view of how your business is doing and comes completely free of charge. From closing ratio to revenue, the MoveDashboard lets you keep “your finger on the pulse” of your business. Create reports at the touch of a button and assign new tasks to your sales representatives and packing crews straight from a single system.

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