Efficient and Fast

SurveyPro it is efficient, fast and gives a clear overview of what the customer would like to move. Furthermore, it is possible to add extra information or photos for any item. These results are shared with the customer when the report is finished. The customer can easily understand it, because it is digital and not hand-written.”

Gina Moor
Surveyor at Voerman International

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Smooth And Reliable

"After carefully reviewing different systems, we found the perfect partner in Move4U. Decisive factors being the integration possibilities, the accessible and flexible service and the fact all applications work together seamlessly. Smooth and reliable moving processes are crucial for the success of Bishops. Therefore, we are happy Move4U can provide us with applications that cover the moving process from beginning to end."

Al Bingle
Managing Director at Bishop's Move

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Very Responsive

“The self-survey tool has helped us in providing an additional option, alongside other methods, to our customers to do business for us which is important as all our customers have different requirements and preferences. As a company, I find Move4U very responsive when we have any issues which is important to us in serving our customers quickly and smoothly.”

Kirsty Parsons
Marketing Director at Bournes Moves

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Saves a Lot of Paperwork

Our movers, are using the CrewPro, using a tablet during the move for packing. Jesper, mentions the following: “it is efficient, saves a lot of paperwork and everyone can read it. It is made unilingual. It is also possible to forward the documents easily to Russia or Prague (locations of Voerman) and no adjustments or translations are necessary anymore”.

Jesper van Eijk
Packer at Voerman International

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Working With Move4U Is Easy

“Working with Move4U is easy. The tool offers a variety of possibilities to handle private customers and corporate accounts in high performances sales. It’s been nice to have such a partner like Move4U working closely with us.”

Roberto Leite
Commercial Director at G-inter

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