Let Customers Show You Their Move!

The intuitive photo-based approach of SurveyApp allows customers to quickly show you their inventory, giving you the option of immediately quoting or following up with an in-home survey if necessary. SurveyApp works perfectly on every device and is fully customizable to fit your company’s identity.

How Does SurveyApp Work?

Our goal is to help you save time by creating complete moving quotes for your moving company, explore some of SurveyApp's coolest features below.

Branded For Your Company

SurveyApp is branded with your logo and colors to represent your company perfectly.

Give Customers Access To Your Moving App

Customers simply download SurveyApp and log-in using a QR code or email details.

Collect Customer Contact and Move Details

Easy for your customer to complete.

Easy Photo-Based Home Inventory

Customers can take pictures of their in-home inventory, add descriptions and submit details.

Receive Survey Information In Your MoveDashboard

The self-survey uploads directly into MoveDashboard allowing you to estimate the volume and quote immediately or follow up with the customer for further details.

Surveyapp Photo inventory

Photo-Based Inventory

Since customers can add photos of their home inventory, your moving company gets a clear overview of furniture that needs to be moved. Ideal for simple, less complex moves!

Surveyapp save time with no need to send surveyors

No Need To Send Surveyors

Save valuable time by allowing your clients to self-survey. SurveyApp enables leads to create an inventory and request a quote immediately if interested.

Surveyapp company branded moving app

Branded For Your Company

SurveyApp can be customized to match your company’s identity – the layout, colors and logo can all be incorporated, even your verification emails to customers.

Surveyapp userfriendly icon

User-Friendly Interface

SurveyApp is designed in such a way that customers can conduct their surveys without any further instructions.

Surveyapp Capture Household Volume

Automatic Measuring Tool

After customers complete the self-survey, you can access data immediately and start taking stock from within the comfort of your office.

Surveyapp save online storage of data

Cloudbased With MoveDashboard

The integration allows you to perform quick measurements, or create a detailed inventory, as well as capturing all the required services.

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SurveyApp Seamlessly Integrates With MoveDashboard!

MoveDashboard is your complete view of how your business is doing and comes completely free of charge. From closing ratio to revenue, MoveDashboard lets you keep “your finger on the pulse” of your business. Create reports at the touch of a button and assign new tasks to your sales representatives and packing crews straight from a single system.

Surveyapp logo

"The self-survey app has helped us in providing an additional option, alongside other methods, to our customers to do business for us which is important as all our customers have different requirements and preferences."

- Kirsty - Marketing Director at Bournes Moves

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SurveyApp is a flexible and customizable solution that provides your customers with the ability to do their own home assessment, while you receive a clear view of the household goods that need to be moved.

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