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Pre-move Survey App For Your Customers

Just like your moving company, your clients will probably have busy schedules. Preparing for a move can be very time-consuming, but there is a way in which you can help your moving company and your customers to save time. Move4U’s SurveyApp was made by keeping efficiency and everyone’s busy schedules in mind. Your customers can use the app to pre-move survey their home inventory by easily taking photos of the furniture in their residence which directly provides you with the input needed for a moving quote.

How Does Our Self-survey App Work?

The SurveyApp is a flexible self-survey app that provides your clients with the possibility to do your own home pre-move survey and it gives you a clear view of the household that needs to be moved. The user-friendly interface makes use of integrated media tools to enhance customer experience. The SurveyApp works perfectly on every device and is fully customizable to fit the style of your company. With this app, you will be able to get an even more accurate moving quote.

Powerful Features To Enhance Your Quotation Process!

Our goal is to help you save time by creating complete moving quotes for your moving company, explore some of SurveyApp's coolest features below.

Survey App Photo inventory

Photo-based Inventory

Since customers can add photos of their home inventory, your moving company gets a clear overview of the furniture that needs to be moved. Ideal for simple, less complex moves!

Survey App save time

No Need To Send Surveyors

Save valuable time for yourself and your customers by allowing clients to self-survey. Our app enables leads to create an inventory and request a quote immediately if interested.

Survey App branded

Customized For Your Company

The colors and logo are customizable for your company’s branding, increasing the visibility of your company’s brand. In addition, documents can be created to match your company’s style.

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User-friendly Interface

The app is built in such a way that your customers can conduct their surveys without needing any further instructions.

Survey App Capture Volume

Automatic Measuring Tool

After your customer conducts the survey, you can access the data immediately and start taking stock from within the comfort of your office.

Survey App Cloudbased

Cloudbased With MoveDashboard

The integration allows you to perform quick measurements, or create a detailed inventory, as well as capturing all the required services.

Allow Clients To Self-survey Their Home Inventory Using Our Intuitive SurveyApp

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