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It has never been more critical to build your service around the changing needs of your customers. While some customers still prefer an in-home visit, an increasing number of customers welcome the flexibility of a virtual moving survey. Our SurveyVideo software is a streaming video call that is recorded. This allows your moving company to offer the option of a video survey and for your representative to accurately estimate the customers' household goods and personal effects.

How Does SurveyVideo Work?

SurveyVideo was built with the priority of being easy to use – for the moving company and their customer. Our virtual estimate software can be used without training, and customers do not need instructions. A video experience branded around your company without complications. Check all the features that make SurveyVideo unique below!

Capture Every Detail of The Move Virtually!

A smooth, enjoyable, and uninterrupted video survey with your customer while going through every detail of their home inventory.

Customized For Your Moving Company

The SurveyVideo app for customers can be branded to match your moving company’s identity – the layout, colors, and logo can all be incorporated, even your verification emails to customers.

User-Friendly Interface

Our video survey software is very user-friendly and can be used confidently by a moving company with limited training and without the need to outsource to an expensive third-party company.

Estimate The Volume of The Move

Within minutes of your video survey you will have a smart, compact size video to view and share with your team. SurveyVideo comes with the free Itemizer, an ISO-verified tool that enables you to easily estimate the volume of the items.

Customers Can Also Do Self-Surveys

Customers can also use the smartphone app to complete their own video moving survey when time is short, or a call is not possible. With the app they can upload photos and videos of the items they want to move, providing you with the precise information for your moving estimate.

Surveyvideo virtual estimate Save Money

Cost Savings

The average cost of an in-home estimate is $250 and takes four hours to complete. By using SurveyVideo, this can be done in as little as 15 minutes and for a fraction of the price. Companies will spare valuable travel time and save costs.

Schedule the virtual moving estimate

Flexibility Of Survey Timing

The SurveyVideo is a streaming video call that is recorded and allows your company to offer an alternative to physical surveys, and to determine the volume accurately.

Surveyvideo re-use virtual survey data

Integrates With Move4U Applications

A survey is just one small part of the whole move process. The SurveyVideo provides you with a seamless experience when used with other Move4U applications like CrewPro.

Surveyvideo software in the cloud

Cloud Based

With no investment in servers or maintenance cost, Move4U provides a seamless experience throughout the move process with 24/7 access to real time data.

Surveyvideo save time

Save Time With Our New Itemizer

Speed up quotation time to the client with the Move4U Itemizer that is ISO certified!

Icon No travelcosts

Environment Friendly

Contributes to the CO2 reduction cause. With no movements needed SurveyVideo contributes to a healthier world.

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SurveyVideo Seamlessly Integrates With MoveDashboard

MoveDashboard is your complete view of how your business is doing and comes completely free of charge. From closing ratio to revenue, MoveDashboard lets you keep “your finger on the pulse” of your business. Create reports at the touch of a button and assign new tasks to your sales representatives and packing crews straight from a single system.

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"At Icon Relocation, SurveyVideo helps us maintain the valued personal approach of our surveyors, while saving the time and costs of physically visiting our customers."

- Ben Carter - CEO at Icon Relocation

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SurveyVideo was designed to connect customers with a virtual surveyor through a virtual video call and after a short time, the client can receive an accurate moving estimate. Check the customer app in the Google Play Store or the App Store!

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