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We are glad to announce that Move4U and our suite of applications are now officially ISO-17451-1:2016 certified! This means that all our applications are thoroughly tested and meet the ISO standards.

ISO Certification IAM

Move4U is one of the first moving technology companies that received the ISO-17451-1:2016 certification acknowledged by the IAM. Working with ISO-17451 standards provides several benefits. In this blog, we’ll explain why it is essential that other companies opt in for the ISO certification and how this could benefit the future of the moving industry by using standardized technology.

International Organization for Standardization ISO logo
Who or what is ISO?

ISO stands for International Organization for Standardization, a global institute that develops standards for products, systems and more. Those standards are a measure for a certain level of quality, safety and efficiency of products and services. Even though the ISO is an independent organization, their standards play a significant role in governmental regulations all over the world. Working with ISO standards enables moving companies to share information easily and, as a result, create transparency and visibility with every move and or shipment.

The benefits of ISO Standardization in the moving industry

Years have gone by since we first introduced technology for the moving industry at Move4U and of course, all the benefits that this technology provides. Working with ISO standards will enhance these benefits and create consistency within the moving industry, given the fact that companies would all use the same codification of items, transportation modes and associated data relating to a shipment. Thus, by opting for an ISO certification, you not only develop moving technology that lives up to globally approved standards, but you also take part in something much bigger: working together on a global scale as we digitalize the moving industry and their workflows. If that isn’t encouraging enough, ISO standards could help ‘seal the deal’ too as it ensures customers and clients that you provide the quality they deserve.

Global ISO
The New Standard

Now that we are fully acknowledged as an ISO-certified company that provides moving technology by global standards, we are ready for the future of global moving technology—stimulating collaboration between moving companies in working together and working towards a fully digitalized moving industry. Technology is here to transform the world, and with that, the moving industry as well, and we are here for it.

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Move4 U ISO Certificate IAM Acknowledgement of Compliance