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The MoveDashboard is a collection of carefully designed applications and solutions that improves traditional analogue move processes by efficiently digitalizing them. See it for yourself!

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Our solutions enable our clients to carry out their moves more efficiently each and every day. They share their stories here, to illustrate how Move4U is helping them to develop their business.

An efficient work environment

Voerman International is working with all the Move4U solutions to realize an efficient working environment for partners and its employees and a great collection of data to realize better customer insights and serve the customer the best way possible.

Gina Moor - Surveyor at Voerman International

Second nature

“Lots of our data and move information was processed by hand, before we met Move4U. That meant a lot of work administrating and making sure our on-site moving teams had all the information they needed with them.

Since we have been using Move4U’s MovePro, that is no longer the case. All necessary information, from client information to packing lists, is immediately digitalized and accessible to the right people.”

Lisa Beranich - CEO at Stevens

Very responsive

“The self-survey tool has helped us in providing an additional option alongside other methods for our customers to do business for us which is important as all our customers have different requirements and preferences. As a company I find Move4U very responsive when we have any issues which is important to us in serving our customers quickly and smoothly.”

Kirsty Parsons - Marketing Director at Bournes Moves

Meet the Move4U Team

Move4U was born in the moving industry. Our mission is simple – to help moving companies to work more efficiently. At Move4U, we respect the history of the moving industry and the many generations that have helped people move home in good times and bad. By taking manual processes and delivering technology solutions, our objective is to improve the lives of moving companies and their customers.

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Our innovative solutions are enjoyed by movers and their clients everywhere in the world. Whether it's a domestic or an international move, the MoveSuite enhances every move process.

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