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San Diego, CA (March 15, 2024) – Ace Relocation Systems, Inc., a leader in the relocation services industry, is excited to announce the successful launch of CrewPro by Move4U in their operations. This groundbreaking solution revolutionizes the moving process for customers and professionals alike by centralizing move-related paperwork into a single, user-friendly interface. This initiative towards full digitization significantly enhances the in-home inventory process, providing efficiency for service providers and customer alike, and streamlines move paperwork for customers throughout the entire process, including billing process.  

Jeff Layton, Chief Information Officer at Ace Relocation, shares his excitement about CrewPro: "Our mission at Ace Relocation is to streamline the moving process for our customers and drivers, ensuring the highest quality of service. CrewPro is an important tenant to that mission. It's not just a technological leap; it's a transformative tool for the relocation industry. By integrating essential paperwork from Ace Relocation and Atlas Van Lines into one intuitive platform, and improving on the digital inventory process, we're not only facilitating our drivers but also ensuring our customers, relocation management partners, and service providers enjoy a seamless and transparent moving experience."  

The integration of CrewPro at the agent and van line level is a testament to the successful collaboration among the project and software development teams at Ace Relocation, Move4U, and Atlas Van Lines, reflecting a shared commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction in the moving industry.  

"We're immensely proud of our joint achievement with Move4U and Atlas Van Lines. The collaboration among our teams has been crucial in bringing CrewPro to fruition," added Layton. "The integration efforts of all teams to make this a success were incredible. This partnership exemplifies our collective commitment to enhancing every facet of the moving experience for our clients. We believe CrewPro will help redefine industry standards for efficiency and customer service.

About Ace Relocation Services
Ace Relocation Services, a family-owned and operated moving and warehousing/distribution company, services corporate, commercial and consumer moving and storage needs in the United States and around the globe. Ace Relocation Systems executes over 20,000 domestic and international moves each year for businesses and individuals and is the largest hauler of household goods for Atlas Van Lines. For more information visit

About Move4U
Move4U Technology has its roots firmly planted in the moving industry. With applications that include SurveyVideo, SurveyPro, and CrewPro, Move4U has become the trusted service partner for a growing number of moving and relocation companies around the world looking to benefit from the efficiency of digital applications in their daily work processes. For more information visit Move4U’s website.