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Technology is permanently changing the world and the way we move and relocate (Relotalent, 2018). Especially the number of moves per individual has increased over time. One trend of the past few years, which will only increase, is consumers’ increasing demand for a complete customer experience at any given moment. As customers are starting to expect more of your brand and services, we will discuss some of the many benefits that technology could provide the moving industry. Because the only way to learn is through experience. So, don't wait for this season to catch you unprepared while you have the time to try out new things. Here’s how:

Customer Service On Demand!
Welcome to the era of error-free and on-demand servicing thanks to artificial intelligence! Think of automated chatbots that can answer your customer’s questions and help problem-solving. Top-of-the-market companies are already using this kind of software, which leads to huge improvements when it comes to optimizing moving and relocation processes. Saving you time and money. Moreover, chatbots provide customers with the opportunity to get in contact with your company around the clock. As customer demand appears to be the leading trend, chatbots and artificial intelligence will help increase overall customer satisfaction.

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Provide Real-time Updates
Now more than ever customers expect real-time updates - of their online orders for example - through email, mobile or via an online account at the company’s website. Moving companies should implement this technology as it is essential in reducing customer uncertainty and thus increasing customer satisfaction. Think of questions such as “Are my belongings safe?” or “Did anything break?” All things customers would like to be updated on, and which take little time to inform them about – at least, if working with the right tools. For example, working with a cloud-based system where customers could log in via their account would be a good solution. Enabling customers to find updates and important information about their move and inventory when needed. At the same time, this allows you to work on essential tasks while you still keep your customers updated.

Save Valuable Time With Video Surveying
Another development to optimize moving processes and with that customer demand, is video surveying software. This relatively new way of surveying allows your company to offer a digital, online and still personal alternative method to physical surveying. While retaining the accuracy of a survey on location. Besides that, with video surveying you can schedule more surveys than usual, as it saves you valuable time traveling and visiting customers in comparison to traditional surveying. This could be useful when you want to prepare and keep up with the demand that is often associated with peak season.

An additional benefit of using video surveying is that it also contributes to the CO2 reduction cause. By using online video surveying as an alternative to a physical visit your company will help reduce CO2 emissions as movers and surveyors no longer have to spend time on the road visiting multiple customers every day. This while you still can discuss everything with customers as you normally would, so you won’t lose personal contact. Thus, video surveying could save a lot of valuable time, not only that, but it is also one of the easiest technologies to implement in your business. As it can be used with little training and customers need no up-front instructions. With its efficiency and ease of use, video surveying is the perfect solution to ensure your company and employees are well-prepared for peak season. Do we need to say more?

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Win Over New Customers
An additional benefit for both movers and customers, is the flexibility and visibility moving technology provides. Now, customers can manage or check their whole moving process whenever they want. This gives them the feeling of being in control, enhancing the customer experience with your brand and services. With such opportunities that moving technology offers you can easily stand out to your competitors. Meaning, by handing power to your customers and therefore optimize customer experience, you will meet the needs of a whole new generation of customers. Customers that are more than happy to book their move with your company as you provide what they are looking for nowadays.

Beneficial For Everyone
Thus, technology is here to change the industry. The wide range of digital solutions that are available nowadays are great to try out and to see what works for your company. And if you’re not convinced yet, there is more. Though this is not something you can implement in ways of technology, moving towards an environmentally friendly future plays an important role for conscious customers who are searching for a company to plan their move with. So, don’t waste time and ask yourself the question again: Is my company ready to meet the demand once peak season starts, or do we keep making excuses and miss out on new customers?

All in all, it is never too late to be what you might have been, take care!

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