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As the annual conference of the International Association of Movers (IAM) in Washington draws near, Move4U and RedSky Mobility Solutions today announce their shared conference theme for this year’s edition of the IAM. With “Join the Connected Move”, they are inviting moving companies around the world to benefit from one integrated move process, in which companies, people and their goods are connected by data and solutions.

Our modern society is characterized by digital connectivity between people and systems. And as our lives are getting more and more connected, so should the moving industry, to match customer expectations and cut operational costs.

At last year’s IAM, Move4U showed the great potential of implementing technology in traditional move processes with its theme ‘Moving towards the future’. This year, Move4U and RedSky will be showing how intuitive moving solutions perfectly connect the various stages of the move process, creating one seamless and cost-reducing moving experience for each party involved in the move.

At booth 639, Move4U and RedSky will be:

  • Showing how modular solutions for sales, operations and after sales stages increase efficiency within moving companies’ processes
  • Giving the latest updates on the renowned RedSky platform
  • Revealing a brand new platform that adds a new dimension to global mobility management, allowing move and relocation companies worldwide to work together, manage client data and efficiently coordinate each stage of the moving process

Uniting moving companies world-wide, Move4U and RedSky invite visitors of the IAM 2018 to Join the Connected Move at stand 639!

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