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Now is the Time!

If you have been thinking of transitioning to digital surveys and inventories, this is perfect time to move forward. As the number of moves slows down, the Autumn and Winter provide a great opportunity to review the platforms available, select a vendor, and train your crews.

For those of you that have ever wondered how life would turn out if you did things differently, we present 5 of the top missed opportunities in the world of business!

1. Turning Down the Opportunity to Buy Google

Back in 1999, the founders of Google, decided to offer their young company to Excite, one of the most widely recognised online portals at the time, for US$1 million. Even after Google reduced the asking price to US$750,000, the Chief Executive Officer at Excite turned down the deal. Today, Google is one of the biggest technology companies in the world, with a market capitalization of over US$1 trillion.

2. That Kodak Moment!

At one time Kodak was the biggest name in cameras and in 1975, a Kodak engineer developed the first digital camera. A camera without film was rejected by Kodak management, who failed to recognise that digital photography was the future and ultimately resulted in their bankruptcy in 2012.

3. Selling Your Shares in Apple

Ever heard of the third co-founder of Apple, Ronald Wayne? He joined the company to provide experience to the young Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak and is believed to have designed the first company logo. But after realizing the financial burden faced by the company, Wayne decided to leave, selling his 10% shares back to Jobs and Wozniak for US$800. His shares would now be worth more than US$100 billion.

4. Saying No to the Telephone

In the late 1800s, Western Union was the leader in the telecommunications industry with the telegram. In 1876, the inventor of the telephone, Alexander Graham Bell, offered to sell the patents to Western Union for US$100,000. They said no, believing that the public would never choose telephones over the telegram.

5. Turning Down Netflix

In 2000, the founder of the startup Netflix, offered his company to the leading home movie and video game rental company Blockbuster, for $50 million. The Chief Executive of Blockbuster turned down the deal describing Netflix as a "very small niche business". Today Netflix has a market capitalization of is worth US$100 billion and Blockbuster ceased operations in 2013.

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