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Move4U Launch Easy-to-Use Video Survey platform: SurveyVideo

Enabling remote surveys for the moving industry and in-home services companies

Move4U Moving Technology has announced the launch of the SurveyVideo platform, their latest solution to support moving companies and in-home services companies perform a remote survey of the contents of a customers’ home to create an accurate quotation.

SurveyVideo is a secure, user-friendly mobile application that allows the company representative and the customer to connect quickly and view the items to be moved at a time that is convenient to the customer. The solution has proved very valuable during the current COVID-19 pandemic but will continue to provide strong benefits to moving and other in-home services companies long after the crisis, avoiding travel costs for the company and the traditional inconvenience to the customer of waiting home for a weekday appointment.

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“We believe that the use of secure, recorded video conducted by the company representative represents the future for the moving and other in-home services companies,” explained Move4U SurveyVideo Product Manager, Venice van den Berg. “We set out to build a solution that makes it much easier for both the company and the customer to connect. The technology also includes much clearer high-resolution video streams and handy note-taking features. This results in a better customer experience and improved accuracy in the quote.”

UK headquartered, Icon Relocation, has already seen the benefits of SurveyVideo at the company. “For me, the great benefit is that it allows my surveyors to save valuable time spent travelling, while we can still provide our customers with our trusted personal service under our company brand name”, said Ben Carter, CCO at Icon Relocation.

SurveyVideo is out now and available for moving and relocation companies across the globe.

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About Move4U Moving Technology

Move4U Moving Technology has its roots firmly planted in the moving industry. The company has always aimed at improving traditional moving processes through easy-to-use digital innovation. For the past several years, Move4U has become the trusted service partner for a growing number of moving and relocation companies around the world that have enjoyed the cost saving and efficiency of using Move4U benefits technology in their daily work processes.

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