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Move4U’s Monthly round-up is the ideal way for you to read and share information about breaking news stories, events and everything that matters within the moving and relocation industry. Our editor’s pick for May discusses Moving Technology, the Military-Stop movement, opportunities with industry leaders in the IAM webinar and lastly, the impact of COVID-19 in numbers.

Moving Technology For The Better, No The Best!
This month we start with an article from Moversdev: “Are virtual moving estimates changing the industry for the better?”. Since more and more travel restrictions are going to be lifted, this article is surely interesting to take a look at. If you are already convinced that going digital will change the industry for the better, be sure to give us a call!

Tablet with Survey Video Survey App

Using SurveyVideo to save time

Military Stop-Movement Lifts Restrictions
Over the past few months we closely followed any news regarding the Military Stop-movement. Now that more borders are about to be opened and travel restrictions are lifted the Military Stop-Movement, initially set to run through June 30, will be lifted in stages. This means that some installations start to accept transfers immediately. Read the article from military.com here.

Movement military stop

Military Stop-Movement Lifts Restrictions

Opportunities In Challenging Times
To make sure you are entirely up to date, we selected this exciting webinar from IAM for you! As all of us are wondering what will happen after Covid-19 and what the new normal is going to look like, IAM took the lead and invited some industry leaders to discuss the opportunities they found in these challenging times.

IAM leaders videocall

Opportunities In Challenging Times, industry leaders, IAM

The Impact of COVID-19 In Numbers
The Canadian Association of Movers surveyed all their members over the past few weeks to see how everyone was doing and the results are in. Even though the numbers show the negative impact COVID-19 has left on the industry, we also see why the moving and relocation industry is often referred to as one of the strongest: we are back on our feet! Check all the results and comment from the industry members on their website.

Covid 19 in numbers

The Impact of COVID-19 In Numbers

That's our monthly round-up. See you next time and enjoy reading!