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Today Move4U announces the acquisition of i3Next, a development company based in The Netherlands. This acquisition is set to take Move4U’s innovative product suite to a next level. The acquisition also includes CRM Floow by i3Next, which yields several substantial opportunities for an integration with Move4U’s own MoveCloud solution.

As a young and talented agency, i3Next provides customers with expert advice and solutions to streamline their workflows. Moreover, their Floow platform has added new dimensions to completeness and flexibility in CRM systems. The expertise of i3Next and technologies developed for the Floow platform, will help shape the future of the Movesuite.

Move4U CEO Joggie Taute explains. “When it comes to expanding our efforts in innovating the moving industry, this is a very logical next step. i3Next has managed to deploy technology that will certainly enrich our customer‘s experience with our solutions. We are very glad to have those technologies and the knowledge within the i3Next organization aboard.” Furthermore, the partnership also means an exciting broadening of terrain for Move4U. Since i3Next has clients active in many different sectors and Move4U will be supporting i3Next in their ambition to provide the best service to each of these clients, regardless of industry.

The newfound cooperation is also highly anticipated by i3Next. As Managing Partner Kenneth Philips of i3Next states: “Our goal has always been to improve our customer’s workflows by implementing new smart technology. Move4U is a company that shares this ambition and they have been applying this way of thinking to the moving industry over the past years. We are looking forward to contributing to the experience of both their customers and our own customers with our combined experience, technologies and know-how.”

About Move4U Moving Technology

As a company that has its roots in the moving industry, Move4U Moving Technology has always aimed at innovating a rather traditional sector. Having started with the Voerman International Group as its launching customer several years ago, the company has matured into a trusted service partner for moving companies around the world, implementing technology in their daily work processes.