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Move4U’s Monthly round-up is the ideal way for you to read and share information about breaking news stories, events and everything that matters within the moving and relocation industry. Our editor’s pick for August discusses the new surge of COVID-19 infections in Asia, increasing moving costs in the USA, an anticipated explosive growth in the relocation managementservice market and last but not least, Potential price manipulation of two of the largest ocean carriers.

New surge of COVID-19 infections in Asia hit global supply chains

There’s a new surge in COVID-19 infections which is causing compounding supplychain blockages across the world.

The fast spreading delta variant is wrecking mayhem in factories and ports in countries that were once the most succesful in containing the virus.

According to Bloomberg there’s a growing problem in Asia as their supply chains and shipments would usually ramp up for the Christmas holiday shopping season.

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A 15% increase in moving costs in the USA

The number of people moving in the USA is growing. With more movements than ever it’s a challenge to stay on budget.

Every year there’s peak season during the months May-August where prices increase. According to Josh Morales, CEO of International Van Lines, this and last year were a bit different. COVID-19 has had it’s effect in almost every industry but this is not the only thing that results in higher prices.

Learn what is happening in the USA by reading the full article.

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Explosive growth anticipated relocation market

In a latest research study released by HTF MI indicates an explosive growth of the relocation managementservice market. Some key questions that are answered in this study are, among other things, what makes Worldwide Relocation Management Service Market feasible for long term investment, what geographic region would have better demand for product/services and what the impact analysis of various factors in the Worldwide Relocation Management Service market growth is and much more.

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Alleged price manipuation COSCO Shipping Lines and MSC Mediterranean Shipping

MCS Industries (an household furnishings manufacturer) is accusing two of the worlds largest ocean carriers for undermining service contracts and thereby manipulating the spot market.

This is happening just weeks after the FMC announced plans to audit nine of the largest container carriers operating in US markets, including COSCO and MSC.

“MCS claims the two carriers are benefiting at the expense of shippers by organizing themselves under the three major alliances that MCS contends collectively control over 90% of the trans-Pacific trade. “These collusive ocean alliances give Respondents venue and opportunity to coordinate discriminatory practices such as those alleged herein,” MCS states.” (John Gallagher, 2021)

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