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It’s true – you love your social media, booking hotels and holidays, banking, and ordering products and services on-line! Yet when it comes to working in a digital environment, we are more resistant to change.

A good example of this are in-home and video sales representatives in the moving industry that perform pre-move surveys every day. Armed only with an enquiry form and a pen and paper, these valued members of the moving community carefully cube each item in the customers home, write down the details, wrestle with their phone to take pictures, and then drive back to the office to calculate the volume and weight before pricing the move.

There is a better way!

In this article we outline the benefits of using a digital solution versus pen and paper

1. Digital surveys are becoming mandatory. More and more corporate and government clients are insisting on digital surveys. If you don’t comply you can’t compete for the work. If you only do private moves, just imagine the sales advantage of providing your customer with a nicely printed digital list of the items to be moved with your quote or minutes after the survey is complete.

2. It’s just as quick and easy. There is a fear that using a tablet takes longer than simply writing things down. Many apps, such as SurveyPro, are designed to be just as easy to use as pen and paper. You can quickly look up common items in specific rooms, take photos and make notes in seconds.

3. You are always up to date. Making amendments to surveys based upon changes is far more efficient. Many customers ask for quotes based upon different volumes or add or remove items after the survey is complete. Using a digital survey platform, changes can be made with just a tap on the device.

4. Avoid disputes. We have all been there! Sometimes a customer may try to add items before the move without letting you know. Provide the customer with a digital list of the items that you surveyed and there is no dispute on moving day.

5. It’s easier to share documents. Sharing online documents is much easier than photo-copying your paperwork. Once the survey is completed you can share it with your customer immediately and all your colleagues can have access, allowing you to speed up the sales process.

Survey Video girl behind laptop

6. Speak your client’s language. For those movers involved in carrying out surveys for international trade partners and customers there is the added benefit of translation. Create your survey in one language and immediately translate it into another language at the touch of a button.

7. Everything in one place. By saving your survey information in the cloud, everything is stored in one place. No more missing files or information.

8. Your moving inventory is almost complete. By creating a pre-move survey in a digital format, that list can be quickly and easily transferred to a digital inventory solution, like CrewPro, meaning the actual move inventory is 75% complete before you start.

With all these benefits, isn’t it time that you looked at what digital surveys can do for you and your business? Book your demo or contact one of our experts.