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A great stepping stone to a successful career

As part of my studies in Germany, I currently find myself doing an internship at Move4U in Rotterdam for five months. Upon starting at Move4U, previous internships have usually taken place in rather uptight and stiff environments. Therefore, it was a refreshing and exciting prospect to gather some hands-on experience in a small, innovative company with a strong startup-flair.

After a few weeks into this journey, these expectations have been already fully met. The open-minded atmosphere in this firm, helped me to adapt and integrate quickly. Apart from the harsh weather conditions, which can hit you unaware, I was also positively surprised by Rotterdam, as it represents a convenient city to live in with everything close by.

During my short time at Move4U, I have already been able to gain a range of valuable skills and insights. After building up our newCRM database from scratch, its maintenance now constitutes one of my key tasks. This whole process made me realize, that a well-structured CRM system is the be all and end all for future references and a smooth operational procedure within the company. In other words, failing to have one, will merely impede an organization’s progress.

In addition to that, customer service epitomizes another main responsibility of mine. Being in charge of our customers’ questions, problems and feedback, provides me with first crucial impressions on how to properly take care of existing clients and the broad variety of their needs. I like most about this task that it keeps pushing me out of my comfort zone and allows me to dip my toe into new water, which is indispensable for personal growth and acquiring new skills.

On top of everything, Move4U offers me a great opportunity to become familiar with the moving industry and how our solutions can be useful for it. As it is an untapped realm of expertise to me, I enjoy learning more about the benefits clients reap from our tools, as well as the issues they are facing and how we tackle them.

All in all, I can say that this internship so far has been challenging, interesting and filled with new experiences.

Jennifer Schneider is currently conducting an internship at Move4U as part of her International Management studies. If you would like to know more about her internship, contact Jennifer through jennifer@move4u.com or +31 0(85) 760 4 760.

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