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Short of Staff?

It’s been two years since the world got to know about COVID-19 and the moving industry has both suffered and benefited from the effects of the pandemic.

In 2021, moving companies have been busy in many countries as the housing market remained strong but this increasing demand has created challenges in capacity and the competition for both office and moving staff has made life difficult for the industry.

Don't Work Harder, Work Smarter.

With this environment in mind, many moving companies are considering how to be more efficient without putting even more grey hairs on their current team. There is also a greater expectation from customers to provide more digital solutions to provide a better moving experience. Larger companies are investing heavily in digital technology and there is always a fear that small and medium sized companies will be left behind.

Thankfully, there are an increasing number of inexpensive “off the shelf” technology solutions that are available to help manage the workload that moving companies are facing and provide a fresh approach to winning more customers.

At Move4U we believe in a modern, simple, and affordable approach. From our move full management platform Reedge to mobile estimating and inventory platforms like SurveyPro, SurveyVideo and CrewPro, our solutions are designed to work independently for specific needs or in combination for maximum efficiency.

Survey Pro

Find out all about Reedge, SurveyPro, SurveyVideo and CrewPro on the Move4U website and contact Move4U for a no obligation demonstration. You can contact us here!