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Your move data is valuable

Recently, big steps have been made in cloud-based information processing. Your customer data could be a gold mine that can tell you a great deal about how efficiently your business is running while giving you indications on how to improve it.

Trend analyses and what is called predictive analytical content can be used to help manage everything from claim checking to the retention and training of your staff.

Because data means insight

The key is to turn data into information and that information into insight. Imagine being able to identify one of your international pack-out groups that, in the past year, has had a strong correlation to an above-average number of damage claims.

Is there a correlation with one of your surveyors or agents that consistently underestimate volume? Are late delivery times directly related to specific days of the week in Singapore? Are certain items damaged consistently so that an alternative packing method could be identified? What is the average volume for a family of four moving to Europe and how can this be used to double check quotes? In a business where margins are thin, these ‘tweaks’ can make all the difference between turning a profit or suffering a loss on a relocation client.

And insight can be gained with the CrewPro and SurveyPro!

Good examples of applications that can capture client data and create management reports are CrewPro and SurveyPro. The ProApps enables you to accurately manage client data from inspection right through the entire packing and unpacking process.

It stores the data in the MoveDashboard, is accessible 24/7, and can be integrated into legacy systems. Its advanced information reporting based on compiled client data can help you manage your business better.

Want to know about the CrewPro or SurveyPro? Visit the product page or contact us now!