Venice van den Berg on June 01, 2016
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With the ClaimApp, moving companies can now streamline claim handling and enhance their customer’s experience. A paper-intensive workflow, with room for error, inconsistency, leakage or even fraud, is now something of the past.

The ClaimApp allows moving companies to provide their customers with a modern tool, helping them to easily handle their claim and reduce unnecessary frustration.

Before, when customers noticed their valuable goods where damaged or even lost, they had to get through a pile of paperwork and provide evidence by taking photos and uploading them to their computer, scanning documents and together with printed and signed documents send this information back to the moving company. An overly complicated and rather slow process.

This process is now streamlined into the ClaimApp and provides customers an easy walkthrough, the ability to use the device’s built-in functions such as taking photos of the damaged items, and quickly provides the moving company with the data necessary to start the claim handling process.

The moving company receives the claim request in their secured MoveDashboard environment. The ClaimApp even facilitates the sharing of the information with people within their organization, making this a cost saving, streamlined workflow.

The ClaimApp is available in both the Apple and Google Store and can easily be downloaded using a mobile phone or tablet anywhere in the world at any time. In addition, integration with legacy systems is also provided.