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Meet Erick, Our Head of Member Support

This month we shine our spotlight on film addict Erick who shares his personal story as an employee at Move4U. In this short interview Erick tells us about his day-to-day job, why he joined Move4U and more importantly, Erick shares his hidden talent with you:

Fact: Did you know that Spanish is Erick's native language? Because of this we now have Spanish support!

As you may have already read Move4U launched an online and real-life support desk to answer all our member's questions. Erick is a part of the support team and is glad to assist and train members, providing fitting solutions to fit all your needs.

As Erick is a part of the support team he assisted with building the Move4U Support knowledge base for our members. The Move4U Knowledge Base includes a range of articles, varying from solutions and answers to technical how-to's and questions, all related to the Move4U products. You can check this knowledge base to find an answer to your questions.