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Move4U proudly introduces the MoveCloud based on feedback from the market and our clients to enhance the performance of our applications and provide our customers with more knowledge. The MoveCloud is the core of the Move4U suite of applications where all the information from the various applications comes together.

Based on all the information and data, it provides our customers the opportunity to better gauge and understand their respective business and how the various Move4U solutions contribute to their bottom line.

The MoveCloud provides our customers with an informative dashboard, user management options, detailed insights into solution activities and more.

With the MoveCloud, we provide our customers with scalable machine intelligence, capable of processing data even when the device or application has low-latency. All the information from all of our applications comes together in the MoveCloud so that our customers gain insight into whether their business is moving in the right direction. The MoveCloud also provides additional integration with other legacy systems, depending on the customer’s needs.

The MoveCloud gives moving companies the ability to work more streamlined and prevent inconsistency, save costs, conserve resources and contribute to the bottom line.