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Move4U’s Monthly round-up is the ideal way for you to read and share information about breaking news stories, events and everything that matters within the moving and relocation industry. This is our editor’s pick for April:

DoD Travel Ban Update

In Move4U’s Monthly-round March we mentioned the DoD travel ban which influenced, or better said, postponed al PCS moves. Now, the DoD has announced to extent the military-wide travel to June 30th, 2020. This will heavily impact peak season for all of our clients in the industry. Nevertheless, you should use this time to reevaluate and improve your moving processes. Can some steps be digitalized for example? Take a look at this article that discusses the efficiency of a digitalized process.

Do D Travel Ban

Hoping For The Best, Preparing For The Worst

Curious about what the predictions for the moving and relocation industry are after COVID-19? ‘Hire A Helper’, a California based company, observed how the moving industry fared through the most recent economic crisis in the US: The Great Recession of 2008-2009. They used this data and compared it with the most recent projections of unemployment and economic downturn. The results are discussed in their blog as they discuss the possible outcomes of COVID-19 on the future of the moving industry.

COVID 19 Research

Some of the results from Hire A Helper's COVID-19 research

Because Nobody Sells Better Than You

Something that cannot be left unnoticed is our release of the SurveyVideo application. SurveyVideo allows your company to offer an alternative and your representative can accurately survey the customers' household goods and personal effects. Especially now, as appointments with a lot of customers have to be cancelled due to COVID-19 restrictions, SurveyVideo can serve as a digital alternative. Curious about our application and what it could do for your company? Request a free demo and discover for yourself!

Pre move video survey platform for moving companies

Baby Steps Towards A Brighter Future

Even though activity remains low, in their latest newsletter FEDEMAC shows that there is an increasing number of European moving companies returning to work. Will this mean that the industry is making its first baby steps towards the future? Read their article and find out what moving and relocation restrictions are taking effect in Europe.

Europe babysteps

That's our Monthly Round-up for April. Stay safe and enjoy reading!