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To visit or not to visit

Back in the days it was very normal that you, as a moving company, would visit the customer to make a quotation. But have you ever considered alternatives for an on-site survey?

The two most used arguments to still visit a customer are “I am able to explain and show the customer in a much better way why they need to choose me” and “By visiting them, I know exactly what they want.”

The power of online

Both of the above arguments are about answering questions the client or the mover may have, questions that could be answered without an onsite visit. Effectively you are there to explain to your potential client client the cost of their move and what service(s) they can expect to receive. Why is it then, when booking a holiday, you can find everything you need online. You are easily able to find all information about pricing, features and service you are looking for and book your holiday online.

Sure, moving home is a little more complex and is individually tailored for each client, but with our technology, booking a move is as quick and easy as booking a holiday. Today consumers expect that information is available online and easy to find.

Assist your consumer, increase your profits

A personal visit will cost a moving company anywhere between $100 and $200. Now, let’s assume you book five out of each ten requests. You would still have to earn back the $500 to $1000 on the five moves not booked.

Next to having a website for your company that includes frequently asked questions and detailed information about what to expect when moving, Move4U’s Movesuite includes two online solutions that can assist your company in providing quotes online instead of through on-site surveys.

Move from clipboards to self-surveying customers. Move towards the future.

For more information, check out our SurveyForm and SurveyApp product pages!